We figure out where you stand today, and we get you where you don’t yet know you need to be. Like your business, tech is ever-evolving.

  • Overview
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Vendor Management
  • Roadmapping

You might have a stellar IT plan, or a lackluster plan, or no plan at all. Whatever the current state of your technology, we can determine a desired future state—based on your business goals. Then, we’ll get you there one manageable step at a time.

We are interested in your business.  Technology is a tool to help you realize your business goals. It’s not about the computers, the network or apps. It’s about accomplishing your business mission.  Let’s sit down and see if we can discover how technology can move your business forward.

Once we have your technology to a stable, predictable place, we take over on your updates, backups and maintenance.  You never have to think about it.

Plus, should one of your staff members have a problem, we are able to remotely see the problem and help you out.

We can provide the right level of security for your business, and educate your staff members on good security practices.  Our automations can also update security quickly in response to new threats, and help you recover should there be a need.  Our continuing education and training keeps us up to date–so you don’t need to.

Internet providers, software vendors, copier companies, and so on. The number of vendors even a small company works with can really add up.  As your IT department, we can talk knowledgeably with each one to make sure your internet is up, your copier works, and smooth the way for your daily business.

Technology is expensive and mysterious.  Our roadmapping process is designed to create a planned path to keep your tech under control.  We start with a set of recommendations and then create a timeline based upon your budget – or help you create a budget – for computer updates and projects to fit your business.