How to Decide if it’s Time to Change Your Mission/Vision/Values

By Cody Lents, Partner and Customer Steward at COVI, Inc. If you’re developing a business or organization, determining a direction and establishing goals is critical to your success now and in the future. Your company’s mission, vision and values can …

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Is it Time to Change your Bylaws?

By Cody Lents, Partner at COVI, Inc. Bylaws can be tricky – especially when discussing if those very guidelines are either helping or hindering your non-profit. Several key factors can help you decide if it’s time to change your organization’s …

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Personal Identifiable Information (PII): How to safeguard your most important information

By Cody Lents, Partner and Customer Steward at COVI, Inc. Keeping your personal information safe is critical, but many companies may not understand the differences between just keeping it safe versus incorporating best practices. The basics of Personal Identifiable Information, …

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What does a good IT assessment look like and why would I need it?

The goal of an IT assessment is to optimize and create strategies and systems to support them. This assessment’s goals should decrease costs, reduce risk, improve security, ensure a great company culture, and enhance your customers’ experience. When a contractor …

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The impact of IT on your customers’ experience

What is every company’s primary product? The customer’s experience. – IT has an enormous impact on this overall experience. It begins with trust. A company’s trust is built upon the 3 C’s: consistency, emotional connection, and communication. Employees are critical …

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