What are Replication Services?

Creating a process to ensure your data is backed up is critical to securing your network. But what is that process and how does it work? It’s something called Replication Services – and it is at the core of safe and secure servers.

Data replication is the process of storing your data in more than one location. The process creates multiple copies of a database to better protect it from an event that may cause a loss of data.

Replication as a process is most useful to improve the accessibility of the data being stored on your servers. Think of storing big boxes of files – those who are given access will be able to share the exact same data, no matter where they are physically located.

In short, Replication Services continuously generate mirror copies of your server environment to increase safety, uptime, and recovery times.

It could be anything from ransomware, a tornado, or a flood, a theft, or a riot – no matter the scenario, with Covi’s Replication Services – your server can be recovered quickly.

Our Replication Services can help your organization maintain multiple up-to-date copies of their data – which can be sent to data centers or remote offices. Keeping more than one copy enhances your safety and protection. The systems are continuously processing your data on an ongoing basis, to ensure the data is always accurate and updated to mirror its original source.

Covi’s Replication Services work to help improve server performance and help you recover software and data quickly and efficiently.

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