How to Decide if it’s Time to Change Your Mission/Vision/Values

If you’re developing a business or organization, determining a direction and establishing goals is critical to your success now and in the future. Your company’s mission, vision and values can be tricky – especially when discussing if those very guidelines are either helping or hindering your company.

Several key factors can help you decide if it’s time to change your company’s mission and vision statements and values. It is always best to start by looking at the basics and gain a full understanding of what all three of these do and don’t do.

Creating a mission or vision statement that is specific to your venture can help push your company to the next level. As your company continues to evolve, you may feel tempted to change your mission or vision. However, as a general rule, you should keep any changes to mission and vision at a minimum. After all, both the mission and vision statements explain your organization’s foundation – so keep those changes few and far between. When changes are needed, make sure that you are planning for the future, not just the present moment.

It’s also essential to look for any indications that something may not be working and anticipate changes that could cause issues in the future. Your company should be operating based on your mission and vision statements, but also more importantly your values. You’ll know it’s time to change these if you notice any outdated language and processes.

If your company has a strong understanding of your mission, vision and values, you will likely reap the long-term benefits of their guidance. Although it’s not advised to change them often, maybe it’s time for another review to make sure you’re getting the most out of your mission, vision and values.

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