Does your IT plan help you meet your goals?

Technology plays a crucial role in driving organizations forward. However, for IT to make a real impact, it needs to align with the culture and strategic goals. No matter what stage of technology adoption you’re at, our team will work closely with you to understand where you are and where you want to be. Our goal is to empower your team, elevate your organization, and help you achieve your mission.

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The COVI Way

Great people will always find a way, and good processes will help guide your people.

The best IT solution will never solve people or process problems. We believe that the benefits of technology can only be maximized when they are aligned with your culture. This allows your people to thrive and your strategy to drive your customers’ experience to the highest level possible.


We assess, learn, and document your current status and goals – providing recommendations based on your immediate & overarching needs.


We fix deficiencies, optimize systems, align processes, and set benchmarks to ensure your plan is working how you need it to.


We believe that every challenge and innovation provide the possibility of improvement and as with ours, your IT standards will evolve constantly in pursuit of a Better Way.


We review and present so you can pivot to meet your needs and create sustainable, long-term solutions.


Services for Every Goal

Covi’s Security Services ensure that your hardware, data and network are appropriately protected from internal and external threats. Our combination of human analysis and automation ensure your organization and people stay secure while still being productive.


Covi’s Support Services provide proactive and reactive hardware, user, application, email, and cloud support. We monitor and troubleshoot your environment to ensure your company has access whenever and wherever needed.


Covi’s Consulting Services provide a collaborative approach to your company’s information technology. We work with our clients to strategically align their technology with their people to reduce liability, enhance internal culture, and positively impact their customers’ experience.

Covi’s IT Operations Services bring a coordinated approach to the planning and execution of your company’s IT activities. We manage vendors, licenses, and assets throughout their lifecycle and deliver standardized experiences to your people.


Tips and guidance to help you along the way.

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Our Best - Always

At COVI, we know that great organizations come from great cultures and that great cultures are made up of great people. We believe that technology’s impact on that culture is just as important as uptime and cybersecurity. Businesses of all sizes deserve access to tech and a team to help them make the most of it, so we listen, understand situations, and elevate organizations & individuals in order to deliver transparent, people-focused, and comprehensive technology services, operations, and consulting.


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